Are you scared of the Black Magic or Kaala Jadoo ? ‘Black magic’ or ‘Kala Jadoo’ is a debatable topic; while many believe in the existence of black magic, there are several others who rubbish the belief. In the world of Science and technology, there are many who would relate black magic with certain circumstantial or practical rational but won’t believe in its existence.

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Are You Scared

But if we believe in religion and spirituality, we will also have to believe in the existence of Black Magic. We live in the dual world where darkness and light have the co-existence; likewise positive and negative energy exist together. Black Magic is the use of negative force, power or energy in order to attract or invite spirits.
While there can be several reasons, why people practice Black magic; it is usually been targeted to harm others, make them sick or bed-ridden, deprive them of peaceful living and sometimes to kill them. Many take help from professional Black magicians (also called ‘Tantrik’) to harm their rivals or competitors.

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Black Magic Tantrik

Tantriks secretly perform rituals by using fire, smoke, etc. and by sacrificing animal or human, especially children in order to control the spirits. Once the necessary power over the spirits is been acquired, black magician uses the power negatively and remotely cause harm to their victims.

In some cases, Black magic is so intense and strong that it can destruct people’s life including career, wealth, business, prosperity, marital life, children, etc. Some practices are used to create family problems or phobias, tensions, etc, resulting into persistent health problems to the extent that even medical Science bent knees in some cases.

A prolonged black magic may spread like a contagious disease, affecting the mind, body, brain of the victim. Relationship may come to end; the victim starts loosing self-confidence and eventually may commit suicide or die a mysterious manner.

When there is darkness, there is light too. If Black Magic has a base, it has got remedies too. In our next section, we will talk about the symptoms of Black Magic and the places it is been practised even today.

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