Buddhist Yatra


Nepal has it’s own uniqueness in terms of History of Buddhism as the country is birth place of Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism itself. Lord Buddha was born in “Lumbini” grove about 15 miles from his father’s state of Kapilvastu. In the early centuries Buddhism in Nepal was most likely developed along the lines of North India. It was when Muslims invaded Bihar and Bengal in the late twelfth century that many Buddhist monks and scholars took refuge part of Buddhist art and literature.

In due course of time, Buddhism became on of the main religions among the people of Nepal. Most popular buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal are Boudhanath and Swayambhunath inside the Kathmandu valley and Namo Buddha, Pharping, Lumbini etc. outside the Kathmandu valley. Kopan Monastery and other many monastries are the piller of Buddhism in Nepal.

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