Chilkur Balaji Temple for Visa Power

Did you ever believe or know that praying in the Chilkur Balaji temple of Hyderabad will give you Visa Power? Well, that’s one of the most prominent reasons or beliefs why thousands of people visit the popular Chilkur Balaji Temple of Hyderabad every day.

Till date you always thought that getting Visa on your Passport has always been in the hands of the Embassy and the Authority, but you never knew that Chilkur Balaji Temple of Hyderabad is that one approach which saves you from all the hassle and nervousness of getting Visa. Located at Chilkur in Hyderabad, the temple is formally called Chilkur Balaji Temple where Lord Venkateswara Balaji is been worshiped. It is an old temple with usual Hidu worshipper, however after several incidents of worshippers praying to the Lord for getting the visa stamp on their respective passport and their wishes getting fulfilled, the age-old Chilkur Balaji Temple of Hyderabad became popular as the Visa Temple.

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Chilkur Balaji Temple Hyderabad

The famous Visa temple has approximately a lakh devotee visiting every week, with a massive rush on the Fridays and Sundays. If you are planning a trip to Chilkur Balaji Temple of Hyderabad, you must be mentally and physically prepared to face a long queue especially on Friday and Sunday. There is no entry fee attached to visit the temple and if your lone purpose for visiting the Chilkur Balaji is to get a visa, you may have to visit the temple again. Devotees worship the Lord here and leave with a promise to return and accomplishing 108 Parikrama (Rounds) once their visa wish is been fulfilled. The onlookers say that almost every one returns to this temple within a short span because their Visa which gets fulfilled soon.

Science may discard the belief, but we are not here to debate between the Science and the belief. There are several Students who aspire to study abroad and many of those get their Visa power through Chilkur Balaji Temple of Hyderabad. Now, it may be sheer merit that works for these students but belief knows no boundaries and faith has no logic.

Chilkur Balaji Mandir