Chintpurni Temple


Chintpurni Temple is among the 51 Shakti Peeth in India. It is a religious place of Hindus. Chintpurni Temple is situated in a village of Una district, in Himachal Pradesh. This holy shrine is dedicated to Mata Shri Chhinnamastika Devi who is also known as Shri Chintpurni Devi. It is believed that Shri Chintpurni Devi Mata fulfills the wishes of her devotees. Chintpurni means a remover of tensions and worry. Journey to Chintpurni Temple is such a delight. Temple looks so beautiful surrounded by hills. You can feel the devotion and religious aura in the air. It is said that no one goes empty hand from this holy shrine, Mata Chintpurni Devi blesses all. The word ‘Chhinnamastika’ means ‘without head’. Goddess Chintpurni Devi is present here in the form of pindi without her head. Temple witnesses huge crowd during Navaratris and fairs. ‘Pindi’ of Mata Chintpurni Devi is located in the centre of the main temple.


There are several stories related to this holy temple. It is believed that this temple was founded by Pandit Mai Das who was a Saraswat Brahman. Pandit Mai Das was a great devotee of Durga and used to worship the Goddess with so much of devotion. Once, Pandit Mai Das was going to his father-in-law’s home. Pandit Mai Das was going through a jungle. There, he felt very tired and decided to sleep under a tree. He saw a young girl in his dream who asked him to stay there and worship her. While returning from his father-in -law’s home, Pandit Mai Das decided to stop at place where he had that dream. After reaching at that spot, he worshipped Goddess Durga. Maa Durga appeared in front of Pandit Mai Das and told him the place where he can find Maa Durga in the form of ‘Pindi’. As per the instructions of Maa Durga, Pandit Mai Das established the temple of Mata Chintpurni Devi in Chhaproh village. Since then, this holy shrine is well-known as Chintpurni temple. Descendants of Pandit Mai Das are still offering their prayers in Chintpurni Temple.
Many devotees visit this holy temple before starting a new venture or new begining of life like marriage or kids. Many newly wed couples can be seen in the temple to get the blessings of Mata Chintpurni Devi. People who want their request to be accepted by Mata Chintpurni Devi, tie a mauli (multi-color cotton yarn) on the trees present in the temple premises. Devotees offer ‘Karah Prasad’ to Mata Chintpurni Devi with the help of priests present there. Priests then return the ‘Prasad’ to devotees again.
Sounds of huge bells fill the temple with a great devotion. One must visit this holy shrine to seek the blessings from Mata Chintpurni Devi.

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