Lord Shri Krishna- The Consciousness

Lord Krishna is the omnipotent soul who stays in our heart has various facets. Everyone has heard about Krishna and his stories but very few know him, let’s meet Shri Krishna, our own consciousness

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Who is Krishna? Where can I find Him? Is He the Lord or the Consciousness? Is He the Warrior or a Herds-boy (Gwala)? Is He Omnipotent or a Flute Player and Dancer?
Our mind gets choked with numerous similar questions. Today’s generation is Intelligent and more aware. We first like to find logic, see the practicality behind every ritual and until we are convinced, we don’t believe in the ceremony. Some people follow certain practices only to make their respective mothers happy, right?Shri Radhe Krishna

Knowing Lord Shri Krishna is almost impossible especially for common people who are more worldly than conscious; Krishna is infinite like Sky or even beyond that! But following Krishna is yet achievable.

We all know, Krishna was born to Devaki and Vasudeva in the cage and under the fear of Demon Kansa, Krishna was shifted to Yashoda and Nand Baba in Gokul. Many argue, why couldn’t the Supreme Lord save himself? Well, that’s because, despite being the Lord, Krishna too followed the rule of Destiny, then why do WE Struggle and fight with our Destiny? Think!

Vedas (Wisdom Book) say, the eighth son of Devaki is also the eighth Avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu! A simple herds-boy did a lot of dramas and plays during his childhood in Gokul, stole Makhan (butter), broke Matkii (earthen Pot), played flute and made Gopis dance, served Gau Mata ( cow), sang song and danced and yet killed the Great Demon of that age- Kansa at the age of 11. Surprised? Indeed, Krishna was only 11 when he destructed the giant- Kansa. During his childhood, he came across several demons like Akasura, Bakasura, Putna, Kaliya Naag and several others, who he killed during the play.

This act of Krishna teaches us to stay conscious and focused all the time, irrespective what activities you are doing. Do not harm others but do defend yourself and the surroundings and your nation.

Krishna has several facets, he is anger, he is sympathy, he is wisdom, he is punishment, he is forgiveness, a simple village boy and the King too, a lover and a son, mesmerizing dancer and an enthralling musician.

Likewise, human beings too have several feelings, sadness, happiness, love, hate, anger, sympathy, punishment and forgiveness.

If you look beyond Hinduism and Spirituality, Krishna is immersed in each and every feeling of ours. For Krishna is Consciousness and Consciousness is Krishna!                       Lord Shri Krishna temple in gokul, Lord Shri Krishna mandir