Chamunda Devi

Mata Chamunda Devi temple is a popular holy shrine of Hindus which is located in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Mata Chamunda Devi temple stands on the bank of river Ban Ganga. This holy temple is dedicated to Mata Chamunda devi who is also known as Durga and Goddess of Shakti. Mata Chamunda Devi temple has a sacred idol of Mata Chamunda Devi which is covered with a red cloth. Lord Shiva is also present in this holy shrine in form of the destroyer God. This holy shrine is about 700 years old. Mata Chamunda Devi temple is also famous for its scenic beauty as it is surrounded by mesmerizing green mountains. You can feel the divine aura in Mata Chamunda Devi temple. Many saints doing meditation can also be seen in this temple which makes it a great place for spiritual growth.

Earlier Mata Chamunda Devi Temple was located in a remote and dangerous area, but it was relocated about 400 years ago on its current location. It is said that the regional king and his priests prayed and asked the permission of Mata Chamunda Devi to move her temple to a location which is accessible. Mata Chamunda Devi agreed to their prayers and appeared in the dream of priest. Goddess told the priest about the ancient idol which had to be placed in the temple. Priests with the help of King, found the idol and placed it in the new temple.


Many stories are popular among devotees related to Mata Chamunda Devi temple. It is believed that the two demons named Chand and Mund were sent to attack on Goddess Kaushiki by the demon king Shumbh and Nishumbh. When, Chand and Mund went to attack on Goddess with a huge army and weapons, they saw that the Goddess Kaushiki was sitting on Himalaya and was unarmed. Chand and Mund tried to catch or hold the Goddess kaushiki and their army also encircled her. By seeing this, Goddess got very angry and her whole body turned into black and she raised her eyebrow on her forehead. It is believed that Mata Chamunda Devi appeared as Chandika from an eyebrow of Goddess Kaushiki. Chandika fought a fierce battle with the demons, Chand and Mund and killed them. Goddess Chandika took the slian heads of Chand and Mund to the Goddess Kaushiki who blessed Goddess Chandika and gave her a title of Mata Chamunda Devi.

This renowned holy shrine is also having a pond where the devotees of Mata Chamunda Devi take a dip. In the corner of the temple, small footsteps of Goddess on a stone can also be seen. There is a marble staircase which takes down to the cave of Lord Shiva beside the temple of Mata Chamunda Devi. Many devotees come from all over the world to take the blessings of Mata Chamunda Devi. At the time of Navratras, Mata Chamunda Devi Temple witnesses a huge crowd. One must visit this holy shrine with a glorious view.                                                        Mata Chamunda Devi Mandir