Nidhivan- The Unfold Mystery!

Mysterious Nidhivan vrindavan Story - Does Shree Bankey Bihari Ji. visit Nidhivan Vrindavan Every Night - with radha rani for maha raas leela at Nidhivan.

Nidhivan Vrindavan temple

The stories about Vrindavan, especially Nidhivan are no longer unheard today. While the facts of the stories are still unknown to those who question the existence of the Almighty, but these are close to the heart of those who feel Krishna every moment. Vrindavan is “Krishna’s own abode”; the place where he spent most of his childhood and did several ‘Leelas’, including the very famous Raas-Leela.

nidhi van, shri krishna, radha krishna, nidhivan temple, maha raas leela, shree bankey bihari ji, nidhi van vrindavan, radha raniNidhivan is basically a ‘van’ (forest) with a fascinating temple of Shree Shree Bankey Bihari Ji. The temple is surrounded by thick and bushy plants; thus it is called Nidhi (Treasure) Van (Forest or Jungle).

Amazing facts!

  • All the trees here are hollow; branches are of two different colours Dark and Light Brown and are twisted downwards.
  • The land in this area is pretty dry but the trees remain green throughout the year.
  • It is been believed that the dark Brown branches are ‘Shree Krishna’ and light Brown are the Gopis and Radha Rani
  • Every night, the trees transform into Krishna, Gopis and Radha Rani and all of them perform ‘Maha RaasLeela’ here. Several local residents have claimed to have heard the sound of ‘Bansuri’ and ‘ghungroos’ at the mid-night.
  • There is a small well in the premises of Nidhivan.

Story behind the facts

During the Krishna yuga, Shree Krishna wished to perform ‘MahaRaas Leela’ at Vrindavan; Radha Rani was his obvious dancing partner, but the Gopis too wished to participate in the MahaRaas Leela,. Krishna, in order to fulfil their dream/wish split himself in several characters, dedicated each character to each Gopi. Every Gopi assumed, Krishna was dancing with her and this is how the Magnificent ‘MahaRaasleela’ was accomplished. Later in ‘KaliYuga’/’Kalyug’, the Gopis turned into light and Krishna turned into dark brown tree at Nidhi Van. During the Leela, Radha Rani felt thirsty, Sri Krishna digged the well with his magical ‘Bansuri’ and quenched her thirst.

Nidhivan is the hub of monkeys; but in the night no humans or monkeys stay within the premises, for those who have stayed back have either died or have lost their minds.

The Nidhivan temple has a marvellously decorated Sri Radhe-Krishna. Numerous Bhakts come here to feel the amaze of Shree Hari.

The Faith!

  • Krishna is known to acknowledge the wish of each Bhakt and thus he performs Raas-Leela even today due to the never-ending
  • Each day, after the evening puja; sacred items like laddus, Paan, a saree, bangles, Kalash with jal etc. are kept at the temple and gets locked tightly with no one being allowed to enter the premises.
  • In the morning, when the temple gets opened, all these things are found scattered, sweets tasted, Paan Chewed, Jal reduced, Saree unfold. It is believed that after the completion of Raas-leela, Shree Radha-Krishna comes here for taking rest.

Several Scientists are still awestruck but haven’t been able to unlock the mystery!

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Disclaimer: The story is based upon the writer’s belief and doesn’t intend to hurt the sentiment of anyone