numerous of cultures accept this as factual that there are colors related with each day of the week

Colors related to each day of the week

A connection between shades and days

Numerous cultures accept this as fact that there are colors related to each day of the week.  Say For example, in Thailand, the Queen in point of fact used to wear colored dresses in compliance with the color of the day. similarly, other Asian cultures such as individuals in India and Cambodia also followed the same  Astrological viewpoint alongside Buddhism and Hinduism. In India, astrologers in addition to Ayurvedic (the ancient medicine system) practitioners bracket together with a color with each day. Each and every one these cultures consider that every day of the week of the week is connected either with a planet or with a deity. We live in a colorful world so most of the time we dream of colors. Most of the colors have archetypal feelings and emotions associated with them. When we come to know about the positive influence of a color we wish to get benefited from that. Majority of people dress themselves according to the color of the day.

So it makes common sense to attach a day with a color

Colors of the week as per Hindu traditions

Here are colors of the week according to Hindu traditions

·        Sunday-Pink, Orange color clothes with Pink pebbles or rose color shingle, jewellery like Ruby, Garnets, bloodstones etc. Pink color, necklace, bracelet must be used. Hindus accept this as true as it is fortunate to wear Pink on Sunday. People also present pink flowers to Surya or the Sun God. Many are on fasting on this day eating just one meal, sooner than sunset.

  • Monday– As per the Hinduism, Monday’s is considered to be the  Yellow day, though people who fast also wear White on this day. Lord Shiva is the deity associated with this day of the week so people often offer White flowers to this God. Monday is also associated with the Moon and colors linked to it are silver, light gray or blue.
  • Tuesday– Red is the color correlated with Tuesday. In Hindu culture, this day is linked with the Monkey God or Lord Hanuman and individuals who fast and plead to this Lord can also wear Red. The day of the week is also concurrent with Mars-the angry planet-which can be appeased by wearing Red.
  • Wednesday– Green is the color of the day for Wednesday. As we all know Wednesday is associated with Lord Vitthal as well as Budha (not Buddha) which is the deity correlated with Jupiter. It has been said that Both Budha and Vitthal like Green.
  • Thursday– individuals wear Orange or Yellow on this day. As per Hindu culture, this day is the day of Lord Vishnu and Sai Baba who is known or like to wear Yellow.
  • Friday– Friday shade is Blue (Sea green or aquamarine are also good enough). The day is also associated with Goddess Shakti who prefers White. So Hindus wear either color on these days.
  • Saturday-be dressed in the color of the royalty-Purple though you can also put on black, indigo, mauve or dark grey, all of which are connected with the anger of Shani Dev Ji (Saturn). People in Indian villages also stay or visit at Shani shrines or temples and make offerings of black mustard oil, black sesame seeds and make a contribution of black clothes.

The shade of the day- astrology explained

Indian astrologers strongly accept it as true that the hint to the shades of the week comes from the Sanskrit nomenclature of the planets and consequent deities related with them.

Like as we can say Sunday is Ravivar– Ravi is the Sun God or Surya. Hindus suppose that this God presides over Sunday. similarly, Chandra or Soma is linked with Somvar or Monday and is the Sanskrit name of the Moon God.

Mangala is the Sanskrit forename for planet Mars which influence Tuesday or Mangalvar. Budha (not to be puzzled with Buddha) is the God linked with Wednesday and also the Sanskrit name for Mercury. Brihaspati is the regent of Jupiter and associated with Thursday or Guruvar. Friday is correlated with Shukra or Venus. Shani represents Shanivar or Saturday and is the offspring of Surya personified in Saturn. Both Thai and Indian cultures suggest choosing shades of the clothing based on these relations.



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