Sheetala Devi Temple

Shri Sheetala Mata mandir

sheetla mata temple

Sheetala Devi Temple is a popular holy shrine of Hindus and it is dedicated to Sheetala Mata, which is also called as a Shakti Peeth. This well-known holy shrine is located at Gurugram village, Haryana. This sacred temple is situated near a pond which adds more glory to this beautiful temple. Sheetala Devi Temple is only 2kms. away from National Highway. It is believed that Shri Sheetala Mata blesses her devotees with good health and prosperity and she also helps devotees to get rid of smallpox. This temple is such a beautiful creation filled with devotion. In Sheetala Devi Temple, there is a image of Goddess Sheetala Mata which is made up of mixed metals and also having gold polish.

The sacred image of Mata Sheetala is of about 4 kilograms and it is kept in the casket of wood which has been placed on the platform of marble. You can hear the bhajans and chanting hymns which are performed in the honor of Sheetala Mata. Many devotees visit this holy shrine to get the blessings of Goddess. Devotees make offerings to the Goddess in order to please her. People also perform different ceremonies in Sheetala Devi Temple like ‘Jal Dema ceremony’, ‘Mundan ceremony’ etc.

Sheetala Devi Temple

There are several stories related to this holy shrine. The story of a carpenter is quite famous among the devotees. It is believed that there was carpenter and he used to live in Farukh Nagar. He had a very charming and beautiful daughter. As her daughter grew up, the fame of her beauty was spread all around. A Mughal ruler got to know about her extreme beauty and he decided to marry her. He sent a marriage proposal for the carpenter’s daughter. The carpenter did not want his daughter to marry in different religion so he went to the King of Bharatpur, Surajmal to get help in this matter. King denied to help the carpenter as he did not want to interfere. The carpenter felt very bad. While the carpenter was returning from Bharatpur, he met with the Prince, son of King Surajmal. The carpenter narrated the whole story to the Prince. Prince was very kind so he decided to help the carpenter. Prince tried to convince his father but he failed so in the result of this, Prince started a revolt against the King and attacked Delhi with all his power. It is said that when he was moving forward to Delhi, he passed from Gurugram where he pledged and prayed to Sheetala Mata that if she would bless him with victory, he would make a temple for the Goddess. Prince won that battle and according to his pledge, he built the temple.

Many pilgrims visit Sheetala Devi Temple throughout the year, except one month of Shravana. Many festivals and Melas held in this holy shrine. In the month of Chaitra, Sheetala Devi Temple witnesses a huge crowd of devotees. One must visit this sacred temple to feel the devotion and to get the blessings from Goddess.                                    Sheetala devi mandir in gurgaon, Sheetala mata temple tourism