Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi


Mathura is a well-known city for being the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Mathura is situated at the river banks of Yamuna and almost 145 kms away from Delhi. The famous temple Shri Krishna Janmbhoomi is the great attraction of Mathura. It is believed that at this place Lord Krishna took birth many years ago. Shri Krishna Janmbhoomi is one of the most popular pilgrimage among Hindus. People from all over the world visit this sacred destination to get the blessings of Lord Krishna. You can see people chanting the name of Lord Krishna with so much of devotion in temple premises. Devotees from abroad can also be seen chanting Sanskrit Mantras to indulge themselves in Krishna-divinity. In temple, ‘Garbha Griha’ is the main attraction because it is the exact place where Lord Krishna took birth. If we move to history, then ‘Garbha Griha’ of today, was a prison cell at that time which was made due to the orders of King Kansa. Now, that prison cell has been replaced by a beautiful temple. People from any caste, religion or class, can have the darshan of this holy shrine.

It is believed that Mathura was under the royalty of King Kansa, who was also the maternal uncle of Lord Krishna. One day, Kansa heard a divine prophecy saying that the eighth son of his sister Devaki will kill him. Kansa got shocked and angry, so he put his sister Devaki and her husband Vasudeva in prison. Kansa was very cruel, he killed all the seven children of Devaki. But when Lord Krishna born, everything what happened was such a miracle. All the guards who were guarding Devaki and Vasudeva went to sleep, prison gates were opened by themselves only. In order to save the life of his eighth child, Vasudeva carried Lord Krishna and went for Gokul. At that time, Vasudeva had to go through Yamuna river and the river was very wild. But somehow, with the grace of God, Vasudeva managed to reach Gokul, he left Lord Krishna there and came back at Mathura. When Kansa got to know about the birth of Lord Krishna, he got frustrated and many times tried to kill Lord Krishna but never succeeded. After some years, Lord Krishna killed Kansa and also ruled Mathura for many years. It is said that the childhood of Lord Krishna was spent in Vrindavan. There are many known and unknown stories about Lord Krishna lies in Mathura and Vrindavan.

One must visit Shri Krishna Janmbhoomi to feel the divine aura and to witness a historic story. There are many sculptures and statues of deities present in the temple which were found at the time of excavation of this sacred temple. A huge crowd can be seen at the festival of Janmashtami (birthday of Lord Krishna) in Shri Krishna Janmbhoomi temple. It is such a delight to visit Shri Krishna Janmbhoomi. May Lord Krishna bless you!