Sun or Zodiac Signs are one of the funny things

Sun or Zodiac Signs are one of the funny things

Zodiac with their corresponding shades

Sun signs or Zodiac are one of the funny things we ‘ve been studying for almost two decades now. -You know what we’ve found? Every piece of research material we pick up says something a little different (and sometimes contradictory) to the next piece. This used to frustrate everyone because we all wanted everything consistent. We all want all Astro-answers wrapped up in a tidy little package.

Sooner or later (with the standpoint of age, we suppose), our mind-set calmed down a speck.

These days, individuals rather like the variables. Everybody get a little scatter-brained when we see contradictions in estimation or research material. Why? Because it confirms what we’ve been touting all beside…that beyond question labels are uncertain Sure…it’s first-class to have basic strategy. But when we talk about the personalities, astrological commitee and symbolic meanings…there must be no rule manuscript. No single human being is alike. The variables in sun signs in todays research are just another substantiation that the unique vitality of the creature cannot be contained.

All this to articulate: after doing plenty of research work  on sun signs and their equivalent color meanings. What I’m providing here may be different from individuals research or opinion. That’s okay! I’m simply offering the results from my clarification over the years via interpreting zodiac signs and their resemblance to various colors.

In addition, these shades assignments for zodiac signs are not “the rule”. Consider: Your astrological canvas is made of more than just your sun sign color (upon which these color meanings are based). You’ve got a moon sign color, ascendant color, etc. So it stands to motive there will be lovely colours that bleed in and make a nice palate of color that make us unique and vibrant.

As you go through these zodiac signs and their equivalent color meanings, I give confidence to you to remember – we are not at all bound by a single label (or color, for that matter). This article is proposed for the one and only purpose of discovery and exploration into your personality through the colorful lens of astrology.Now enough with my preamble…

let’s get to the nitty-gritty of sun signs and shades meanings.

Zodiac Signs and Their Corresponding Color Meanings


Color Meaning for Aries
It’s no wonder Aries zodiac signs are scorching the color-trail with red. Arians are the mark of passion, fattening and enthusiasm. Aries rolls out the procession of symbols, and red corresponds with that essence of initiation. Red is such an stimulating color; it tends to kick-start your engines and improve your cheerfulness. For Aries, red ignites, it sizzles. Red for arians is all about action, enjoyment and even adore. Red is associated with the root chakra, which says you have outstanding abilities to light and stir up your fire even under the generally depressing circumstances. It also says you can easily bestow your fire to others. Your passion effortlessly spreads when your inspirational blaze is lit. let go your red radiance! You have so much of  light to offer the humankind, and the the human race needs your blazing spirit!

Color Meaning for Taurus
Considering your sign is grounded in earth energy, it’s no surprise your governing color is green. Think lush growth, natural splendor, and rich renewal. Green is a springtime, youthful sign. Your shade meaning reveals that you are a toddler at heart. Even so, you be keen on to see things grow up and blossom. Green is symbolic of family and unity. Hearth and home are of prime importance to you. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if you have a ‘green thumb’ – digging in the garden – or have at least a few houseplants around. As foundation color, green imply a gift with acquisition material resources and even ability in money matters. You Taurus’ can tap into the shade of cash with your green goodness. You may be astounded how ‘getting your green on’ can help get hold of monetary balance. Green is associated with the spirit chakra. This means matters of the compassion (close relations…folks, friends, over-romanticizing) are at the front position of who you are. Emerald shade indicates that you are a approachable soul with ‘evergreen’ capability for expansion.

Color Meaning for Gemini
Some people tint the town red…you paint it orange. Why? For the reason that orange is the color of diversity, sociability and inspiration. You are an orangey muse! Your color meaning imply a extreme high level of rendezvous with other people and a physically powerful sense of your place within a close-knit neighbourhood The color orange is symbolic of harmony. Ergo, (as a dualistic sign) it’s not unanticipated that orange is your color, Gemini. You struggle to keep things as smooth as you can and balanced as possible. bring into play orange energy to help you with this. Orange can light up you and get you on blaze to express physically in healthy ways. Orange is associated with the sacral chakra. That says you are likely intended for discovery and exploration. This shade will inspire you to be more courageous (if you’re not already). Your color is magnanimous, remarkable and lovely. Get your orange-shine on and aim to shine up to your highest possible

Cancer – A moon lined sign , cancerians are introvert and withdrawn individuals and the shade that are unsurpassed for Cancer are Blue ,white and sea green. These colours maintain these sensitive and caring individuals at their best , though the touching side of the character always remains principal. As this is in addition the sign of the admiration of Jupiter the planet of compassion yellow is also an favourable colour for the cancerians for accomplishment in any responsibility and for a positive mount of mind.

Red may also assist at times when feeling feeble and de-energised , but does not complement well with the cancerian make up as it is the shade of Mars which gets incapacitated in cancer. Hence recurrent use of this colour will abnormally stir up the easliy confused cancerian feelings and emotions – the downbeat side of Mars. Green a particular color , sea green is very good for occupation , black may at times convey  gloom and negativity. Pale and pastel shades will application to all cancerians.

Sense of Style: Cancerian flavour runs to garments which are Flowing, free fall and dreamy , fancy , ornate , embroidered and given a private touch.

Tip: Wear White or sea-green or light blue every Monday


Leo – The majestic sign of the sun sign lined by the Sun, the planet symbolises the supreme self opinion. Leos like to dress up in all bright and bold colours and the colour best suited for Leos is the colour of the sun – orange. Tryng orange will adjoin to the charisma and compelling aura of the leo individuality Leo’s will also have a fondness for all that is intense and regal particularly colours like orange,purple, red, gold and so on are in particular good for the Leos .

One shade  that the Leos best recognize with is gold and the color of bright yellow and orange .It stands for all that is splendid, optimistic and bright . And it also helps to enhance the sense of self esteem and sense of magnificence. Colours that do not go with well with the Leos are the pale and pastel color do not go well with the Leo disposition yet the amalgamation of white and gold and black and gold takes the perimeter of the plainness of the shades . Red, orange and bright colors of magenta bright sunny yeallow are just best for the Leos.

Sense of Style : All that is ostentatious, grand ,dressy ,ornate and rich and plea to the Leos.

The latest in fashion, designer labels and names and muted and understatement is just not their lifestyle statement.

Tip : Wear Orange or Gold every Sunday


Lucky Color for Virgo

Deeply prejudiced by Mercury, shades like Blue, Gold, Peach, Yellow and Jade Green, seem promising for your zodiac virgo. If you wish to get wanted results, then don the colours of Green, every Wednesday.

Virgo by personality is reserve and introverted. These individuals are choosey, fussy and very decisive and since it is the night home of Mercury colours like moss green, bottle green, green mixed with black are rejuvenating and imaginative and in agreement with the virgo personality . A virgo may feel out of his / her character if they research with red and colours of the red family. The boldest a virgo can afford to get is wear blues -greens and blacks.

Sense of Style: Floral patterns ,checks, sensible cuts , conventional trends and modest fashions .

Tip: Wear your shade of green every Wednesday


Libra: An airy sign, the day home of the tender and compassionate venus, the right shade for this zodiac is Blue . It is a shade that symbolises balance and synchronization in all spheres of existence. Libra is a sign of concord harmony and regularity and all that is artistic, good and beautiful . Librans have elegant and unimpeachable taste and no one can lay blame on them of being clumsy or overdoing things.

The other shades  that correspond with the Libran ambience are white and pink. Black is a favourate with all the Librans as it is in this sign that the saturn gets exalted and manifests some of its best qualities. Librans set off for all simple colours and avoid overenthusiastic mixture of too many shades. originating, symmetry and synchronization are libran hallmarks and any shade that is artistic without being too daring and too extravagant is the libran cup of tea.

Sense of Style: Plain colours , flowing cuts and designer chic is the libran statemen t of style.

Tip : Wear Cream / off-white every Friday


Scorpio – A sign of aqua and the night house of Mars, the scorpion tastes run to all shades with a hint of obscurity and the supernatural. crimson colour very well enraptures the spiritualist sensibilities of the zodiac. All shades like purple, dark purple, splashes of all dazzling shades like maroon, purple, bottle green , red with a color of black, all shades of night and vivid colours and inexplicable and mytical patterns and designs plea to scorpions. with a hint of mysticism and occult.

The scorpio tastes vary with the powerful moods and altering states of mind. Pale and pastel colors are out of tune with scorpio sensibility. Scorpio taste at times runs a little in the direction of violet shades and vivid contrasts and shades in extreme dissonance and aggression creating a battlefield of contradictory shades . Difficult to analyse the scorpios can at times be accused of buying weird outfits making a pretence to be designer and artistic. Colours having depth, richness and bold overtones.

Sense of style: incredibly an individualistic, unexpected and unique statement of persona.

Tip : do  Wear Maroon or deep red every Tuesday.



Sagittarius -A scorching sign often accuse of doing stuff just for effect, Sagittarians can be turned on by yellow colour. It is the shade or hopefulness, brightness, good applaud and happiness. Sagittarian love of shade is innocent and pure. Although they have an resemblance for the shade  like orange, red ,yellow and canary yellow, it is a sign lined by Jupiter. This is a sacred sign also so at epoch sagittarians have a noticeable affinity for the saffron shade, a spiritual shade worn habitually by the initiates and religious Gurus.

Yellows and blues are the most excellent shades for sagittarians. At period light can also calm and relax , dark  though appeals not have a noticeable positive influence . Blues also appeal to the sporty and sociable sagittarians , not the sky blue, nor the navy blue it is the well-off blue of these individuals outraging the conventions and for all time on their own trip. Red gives them a high energy and go -getter attitude.

Sense of Style: The flavour runs to fashionable, casual and sportwear

Tip be dressed in Yellow on Every Thursday


Capricorn – Capricorns favour all the shades that are harsh and plain. thoughtful, serious and formality a love of plain shade, stark combinations in dark and light and an overstated love of dark marks the capricornian consciousness. Ruled by the shyness and stern saturn , capricorn is the day home of planet saturn and shades like navy blue, indigo and grey plea to them.

Since it is an earth symbol some other shades  that also demand are brown , khaki, keeping in brain the capricorn love of conventions,legacy  and traditions. Red is  though very often worn and acceptable and also  can at times insert that rare communicative and explosive streak to a straight-laced capricorn. something that is peculiar , utopian, weird is an abomination and yellow is one shade that right away repels them. White compliments and black and white combinations are an all time favourate.

Sense of style: Straight square cuts, Traditional patterns and conventional fashion is the capricornian hallmark.

Tip : Wear black on every Saturday



Aquarius – It is the night house of saturn, an airy sign that rules all that is outlandish and utopian , be it fashions, trends, colours, cuts , ideas or people. Violets and erstwhile psychedelic shades ask to them, They also akin to all electric colors  and shades that change with brightness – light and colour . Shades which are not the conventional one but an outlandish combination of two or more of such colours -which defy a name, a definition and can be called the ” new generation colours ” are aquarian colours .

Colours with the scientific and computerised colour combinations , mechanical robotic patterns and a weird sense of shading . Aquarius tastes run to a variety of colours ranging from stark and bold ones to those in combinations and contrasts , black is an all-time favourate yet it is not the only shade that make the aquarian pleased. yet the designs and cuts are eccentric. From time to time the aquarians may sport designs and patterns that may create heads turn , but it is absolutely true that an aquarian is further on of his time.

Sense of style: peculiar, ultra-modern and very much away from sync with the ordinary trends.

Tips : Be dressed in Violet or navy -blue every Saturday.



Pisces – A aqua and spiritual zodiac ruled by Jupiter , pisceans are responsive, gentle and reserved individuals who articulate themselves , their touching moods in shades like yellow . It is the shade of cheer and hopefulness and uplift the piscean emotional state. Some shades that are first-rate for pisceans are pale and pastels, particularly pale yellow, mauves, amethyst, lavender ,light purple , peaches and white are the shades that have fun with the dreamy piscean moods and help them in expressing their insights at their best. Yellow also helps in intuitive and psychic pursuits.

Bright and violent shades are jarring to the delicate sensibilities of an evolved piscean and white is an all time favourate. Mild floral designs are favoured and stark combinations and extravagant colours are avoided. The shades that do not go fit with the piscean persona is green , the shade  lined by mercury which is incapacitated in pisces , has a unenthusiastic impact on piscean sentiment creating barriers in expressing their feelings and imaginative blocks.

Sense of Style: Chic, attractive, understated class and quiet shades of colours.

Tips: Wear on pale yellow on each Thursday.

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