Bhimkali Temple is one of the famous temples of Hindus. This holy shrine is among 51 Shakti Peeths in India and is dedicated to the Goddess Bhimkali. This sacred temple is located at Sarahan which is near to Shimla. Bhimkali Temple is also known as the ‘Bheemakali Temple of Shimla‘. The architecture of this temple has adopted both Hindu and Buddhist styles. It is such a beautiful temple made up of wood and is considered as a magnificent specimen for the architecture of hills. Bhimkali Temple was built in 1927 but it is a new one. The old temple of Bhimkali has an interesting story. The devotional aura spread in the air of the temple is really fascinating for the devotees. It is believed that Bhimkali Temple has very deep foundations and it is also having a secret tunnel which connects this holy shrine to Ranwin, a village which is almost a kilometer away from there. It is said that the Pujaris/ Pandits were using that secret tunnel while leaving the temple. The complex of Bhimkali Temple is having some other small temples also which are dedicated to Lord Raghunath and Lord Narsingh. It is a three-story temple with mesmerizing carvings on it. Woodcarvings on the upper floors are done with ornaments. Bhimkali Temple has a gold image of Bhimkali which is almost 200 years old. Lovely work of decoration with silver is attracting devotees for a long time.

There are several mythological stories behind this holy shrine. It is believed that in ancient times, there were many saints and priests who used to meditate in the Himalayas to please the God. But there were demons also who were the great distractions for the meditation of saints and priests. All saints decided to pray to the God to get rid of those demons. They asked God to take some powerful actions against the demons. God heard their requests and decided to help them so the God concentrated his power at one point. After that, a big explosion happened and a small girl appeared at that spot. That small girl was the creation of God who destroyed all the demons and took repeated births for destroying evil forces on earth.

This sacred temple witnesses a huge crowd of devotees on Dusshera festival because the 200-year-old image of Goddess is worshipped on that day. It is said that Goddess Bhimkali fulfills all the wishes of her devotees. A small museum is also situated in the temple which is a great attraction for the people. One must visit this holy shrine to get the blessings from Bhimkali Devi.




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