Vrindavan is considered as the prominent place of Lord Krishna and Radha Rani. This beautiful city is having countless holy shrines and temples which are famous all over the world. Many stories of Lord Krishna and Radha Rani are popular in Vrindavan.  Birla Mandir which is also known as Gita Mandir is one of the most beautiful temples located at Mathura -Vrindavan Road. This sacred temple situated at a distance of around 5 Km from Mathura City.  Birla temple was built by Birla, a renowned industrialist of India. The architecture of this temple is incomparable and is having beautiful paintings and carvings. This holy shrine holds a lot of images of Lord Krishna and various other lords.  You can feel the devotion in the aura of Birla Mandir.

The eminent Birla temple is considered to be illustrious for its beauty and architecture. There is a beautiful statue of Lord Krishna in garbhagriha (sanctorum). Devotees can have darshan of this statue. A big effigy of Lord Hanuman is placed to the outer side of the temple and a picture of Lord Krishna picking the Girraj Mountain also situated in this area. When you arrive at this beautiful temple, then some amazing long stairs welcome you.  The entrance is followed by a porch which is attached by carved pillars. From the left and right of this temple, Lakshmi Narayan and Sita Raman figurine are placed.  All the devotees from all corners of the world visit this glorious temple to pay obedience to Lord Krishna.

The temple remains open whole week and the best thing about this temple is that there are no entry charges. Devotees can visit this beautiful temple at any time of the day. Many devotees prefer to visit this beautiful temple in the morning time which is followed by Aarti of Lord Krishna. Special occasions like Janmashtami (birth of Lord Krishna) and Holi (festival of colors) are celebrated in Birla Mandir with great fervor and enthusiasm. On festivals, decoration of the temple is mesmerizing. More than thousands of devotees visit this beautiful temple specifically on the occasion of Gita Jayanti and Janmashtami.  Outside of the temple, there is a small market in which one can buy sweets, flowers and other items which are required for the pooja.

You can find a huge crowd in this holy shrine throughout the year. One can easily access this temple as it lies in the midway of Mathura -Vrindavan road and NH 2. Birla Mandir witnesses a huge crowd throughout the year.



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