Kalighat Temple of Kolkata is among the 52 Shakti Peethams of India. It is believed that various parts of Sati’s body were fallen at these 52 Shakti Peethams at the time of Shiva’s Rudra Tandava. It is said that at Kalighat, the toes of the right foot of Sati fell. This holy shrine is located at the banks of Adi Ganga. Image of Goddess Kali with a long protruded tongue made up of gold. Shiva temple is also there in the north-east of this temple’s sanctum. The shrine dedicated to Radha-Krishna is also present there. The main image of deity appears incomplete. So, on the initial level, Goddess’s face was made, then tongue and hands made up of silver and gold were also made and added in this image. It is believed that the Goddess Kali blesses her devotees with her heartiest blessings and fulfill their wishes also. These holy shrine witnesses a huge crowd throughout the year. Kalighat temple is such a beautiful temple that you cannot be untouched by its beauty after visiting there. The devotional feeling is everywhere in the temple.

There are many stories associated with every temple. Kalighat Temple is also famous for its different mythological stories. One story is highly popular among devotees in which a Brahmin whose name was Atma Ram used to do prayers near the temple of Kalighat in the midst of dense forest. At one evening, on the banks of Bhagirathi, Atma Ram was reciting the mantras, suddenly he saw a ray of light which was coming through the bed of the river, Bhagirathi. He waited for the morning and in daylight, he found a piece of stone there under the clear water which was carved like a human toe. Atma ram got very curious, he picked that stone and worshipped it. On the same night, Brahmin, Atma Ram had a dream of Goddess then he got to know that the stone is the toe of Sati which was cut by Siidarsan Chakra of Vishnu. That is why this holy shrine became a Pithasthan. Now, Kalighat is considered as a great place for pilgrims. Brahmin, Atma ram searched more and also found a Swamhhu Lingam of Nakuleshwar Bhairav image there. He put the toe near the Nakuleshwar’s image and he started worshipping them.

On the auspicious day of Bathing Ceremony (Snan Yatra), the priests in this holy shrine cover their eyes with the strips of cloth at the time of giving Snan (Bath) to the Goddess Kali. You can feel the divine aura in the premises of the temple. A huge number of devotees visit this holy shrine during the time of festivals like Poila Boishakh, Sankranti, Kali Puja, Bengali New Year Day, Durga Puja etc. One must visit this holy shrine of Goddess to get her blessings.





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