Vrindavan, just 15 km away from Mathura, is an additional major place of Hindu pilgrimage. It is marked for its numerous temples – both old and modern. The name Vrindavan stirs up the playfulness and lovable uniqueness of Shri Krishna. Madan Mohan Temple is one of the most significant and oldest temples of Vrindavan and is situated just behind the Shri Banke Bihar Temple which is among the most popular places of Vrindavan. Kali Ghat is also near to Madan Mohan Temple. This sacred temple was built by Kapoor Ram Das of Multan. On Tours to Vrindavan, one cannot probable let go the possibility of visiting Madan Mohan Temple. It is not just simply a place of devotion; it is an old constitution that has stood the test of the era. This beautiful temple is considered to be related with the saint Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb assaulted Vrindavan in 1670 with his soldiers. So, during Aurangzeb’s rule, the original divinity of Lord Madan Gopal was moved from the shrine to Karauli in Rajasthan for its safety. The architecture of Madan Mohan temple is wonderful and mesmerizing.

The novel Deity of Madan-Mohan is said to exactly look a lot like Krishna from the waist down.  In 1670, when the Muslim emperor Aurangzeb sent men to devastate the temples of Vrindavana, this temple was dishonored. It was considered that established Deities are not thought to be worshiped in this holy place anymore. Therefore, the New Madan-Mohan temple was re-established with the beautiful traditional way at the bottom of the hill. This temple includes the pratibhu-murtis (replica) of the original Deities. It is considered that there is no difference in strength between the original Deity and the pratibhu-murti.

There is a very long and attractive story connected with the Madan Mohan Temple. Once, there was a trader, named, Ram Das Kapoor. One day, a ship loaded with salt, owned by him, got aground in Yamuna River. He was very sad and went to Sanatana Goswami for help. Sanatana Goswami gave him the advice to pray to Lord Madan Mohan. After getting Sanatana Goswami’s advice, he prayed to Madan Mohan for help. It is believed that the Lord responded to his sincere prayers and his ship got free. He gathered a vast profit from the deal and decided to donate the money to build a temple in his hometown in the honor of Madan Mohan. He also installed a replica of Lord Madan Mohan.

Being a historical site too, this holy shrine witnesses many devotees throughout the year from all over the world. One cannot be untouched by the grace and devotional aura of Madan Mohan temple.  One must visit this sacred temple to get the blessings from Lord Krishna.



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