White Magic – The GOOD One!

The White Magic a Good Start


Many of you might have heard about ‘White Magic, which is the good, the positive aspect of Magic’

Like White and Black are the absolute contrast to each other, so do White and Black Magic; both differ in effect, process and intention. White Magic is considered the Good one.

Anything ‘Negative’ has its own share of attraction; when we read the term Kaala Jadoo or Black Magic, we wait for a minute to read about it, but did you ever think, that there is something called White magic too? Yes you heard it right, White Magic: That’s the good counterpart of ‘Kaala Jadoo’ or Black Magic.


The very basic fact about white magic is that it is connected with goodness, positivity and healing. It is believed to be done for the betterment of other people. The Good, White Magic is mostly associated with helping magic spells and healing any kind of disease or often practised to defeat the affect of Black Magic. White Magic is assumed to cover spells like:

  • Luck spells
  • Healing spells
  • Luck spells
  • Protective spells
  • Enchanting Spells
  • Truth Spells
  • Cure Spells
  • Health Spells
  • Protection Spells, etc.

White magic is basically associated with positivity. In Hindu Mythology, Pandits, Sadhu, Sant, Yogi- Baba or Good Tantriks are believed to practice ‘White Magic’, by performing some rituals, Puja-Path, Jhaad-Phoonk, Tantra-Vidya, etc. in order to free the person from the bondages of Black Magic, Bad Luck, etc. In Islam, Peer Baba performs such activities to keep the victim protected from the bad luck or ill affect of Black magic. Even in Christianity, people who are possessed or under the affect of Black magic often requests the father of the Church/Priest to get the ‘Holy Water’ sprinkled all over themselves to get the mental peace and relief from all such negativities.

Many believe that magic can’t be differentiated. It’s all about the personal belief and the outlook towards life. The easiest thing one can do is to worship your God/Bhagwan/Allah on daily basis, have faith in your God and religion and you will never suffer, because not necessarily God will protect you from the negativity but indeed, they will give you power and strength to fight the negativity with patience and persistence.