Why do Muslims prefer building mosques right next to temples even now? They always make it taller than the temples. What is their objective?

Why do Muslims prefer building mosques right next to temples even now? They always make it taller than the temples. What is their objective?

The dust from the demolition of the Babri Masjid has barely settled down. But, six months after the Ayodhya disaster, it is apparent that the Shahi Idgah adjacent to the Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple at Mathura will be the next target.

The BJP claims that Kashi and Mathura are not on its “agenda immediately“. But with VHP General Secretary Ashok Singhal and RSS Joint General Secretary Rajendra Singh making no bones about the fact that Mathura is still very much on their agenda, it is just a question of time before the Hindutva forces strike again.

this is a unique monument. It’s rare to find a temple along with mosque in same premises in a country like India without any history of conflict involving both the religions. The temple highlights the architecture of Yadav’s which were ruling t


Most of the mosques you find near Temples were built by Islamic rulers after destroying the temples. The best example being Kashi Vishwanath.

It’s really very difficult to answer this question, as my answer could be offending to Islamic fanatics and fundamentalists. But for sure, history is something which is what it is all about, i.e. each and every event, how they happened, who made them happen, who let them happen, who get affected by their happenings and what were, had been and are their legacies ?.

Muslim rulers, as they did in any other country, so did in India by trying to eradicate any sign of infidelity (in their perception the sign of infidelity was the sign of any other religion), and they took many steps, some of them are following –
1. They tried to proselityze more and more people to Islam, ruining native and aboriginal religion, culture, language and identity.

2. Those who didn’t accept Islam were termed as lower standard subject and were made to be harassed and persecuted.

  1. The holy places and pious buildings of other religions were made to be demolished, be it either church, temple, synagogue and other native religion-oriented buildings. The history is full of such examples –
    (A).Egyptian Coptic churches, Byzantium churches, Babylonian churches, Turkish churches.

Hagia Sophia – a building, constructed as a Church in 537 at Constantinople, converted into a mosque in 1453 and finally turned into a museum by a liberal Turkish Muslim Ruler in 1935

Other eminent churches which were turned into mosques

(B).Synagogues – a holy place of Judaism, initially these Jewish prayer houses were diffused all over Arabia and other adjacent countries, now they are just limited to the Israeli state.

Al Aksa mosque of Jerusalem, initially a Jewish synagogue

(C).Hindu temples – a no. of old and remarkably built Hindu temples, myriad in numbers, were destructed. Somnath temple which is located in Gujarat, Ramlala mandir at Ayodhya, famous Kashi Vishwanath Mandir, Krishna Janmbhumi Mandir are just a few amongst tens of thousands.

A mosque was constructed by destructing 27 Hindu and Jaina temples, near Qutub Minar

Somnath temple was twisted into a mosque, raiding temple wealth, assassinating priests, raping devdasis allocating temple and desecrating idols of the temple, now the present temple is away from the genuine temple site.

And those temples, which are there at the very place, where these temples once had been, are just a copy of the beautiful, elegant and magnificent temples, which were ruthlessly vanished. And, A no. of times, we observe a mosque adjacent to a temple, just because there was a place of worship at the very place of a mosque, and much later, when Hindus got out of fear of Ismalic rulers, built a temple alongside that mosque.

Temples and mosques, adjacent to each other in Mathura and Varanasi.

Note – If a name wants an added source of information about the destruction of Hindu temples in India and other countries, s/he must read “Hindu temples-what happened to them? “ by Sitaram Goel.

(D). A no. Of other religious and spiritual places, were set to fire, because what they represented was a sin according to Islamic despots.

A recent consequence of Islamic Fanaticism. The statues of Buddha at Bamiyan, Afghanistan were exploded in 2001 by Taliban, as they represented ‘sinfull’ idolatry.

Consequentially , in due course of time , we lost a priceless heritage of sculpture , portraiture , statue making , architecture , scriptures , manuscripts , languages , cultures , dressing styles and other identity-oriented aspects , just because a handful of people interpreted these as signs of ignorance, paganism and disbelievement in the so-called “Supreme God“.


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