Why the statues of idols in temples look in the direction of sunrise except the lord shani

The statues of God should face the West Direction and the individual offering prayers should face the East Direction, this is well thought-out as the Excellent Vastu Shastra

Sun is the key source of  liveliness for all living beings on our planet and it rises always in east, so side of East has extraordinary significance for even Hindu rituals, Puja, Yagna, Havana  and worshiping, etc. principally, in Hindu perception all four sides like East, West, North and South sides have individual different importance.  As a result, we have Vastu Shashtra also. 

As per the  Vastu Shastra, a statue of Lord or mostly all Devi Devta face should always be in Eastside, only for the reason that its mark of the source of energy (Sun rises in the east) in the temple.  

As per mythology, Shani Dev is a son of Surya and his spouse Chhaya,  hence also known as Chayyaputra. He is the senior brother of Yama or Yamraj (the god of death). 

God Surya’Dev has two sons Shani dev and Yamaraj as a  Judge for Jivatma. Shani Dev also judges the results of one’s deeds through one’s life through appropriate punishments and rewards; Yama grants the results of one’s deeds after death.
It has been said that when  Shanta  Dev open his eyes as a baby for the foremost time, the sun entered into an eclipse, which visibly denotes the bang of Shani dev on astrological charts. Due to this, and clash between his mother Chhaya and Surya Dev, he came down on earth. He is deputed for judgment of evil and wicked people. He is known as the utmost reviewer and admirer for the good as well the greatest punisher for those who go after the path of evil, unjust revenge backstabbing, and betrayal.

Shani Dev is also acknowledged as the aristocrat of the common man and his blessings are thus thought about to be very vital in an individual’s astrology for granting him with mass following and fame. He is represented dark in color, dressed in black; holding a weapon, arrows, sword and two daggers and fastened on a crow, which is Shani’s Vahan.  This is due to such differences with his father statue of Shani Devi is not put off  towards Sun


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