Aranya Devi Temple is one of the famous temples of Hindus. Aranya Devi Temple is dedicated to Devi Aranya- the goddess of the forest. This sacred temple is located at Arrah, Bihar. Since ancient times, it is believed that Aranya Devi grants all desires of her devotees. It is said that Aranya Devi takes care of her devotees completely and fulfill their wishes. This holy temple is east-facing and having a round dome. Aranya Devi Temple is also considered among the oldest temples which have built on stone boulders. There is a courtyard at the entrance of the temple. To the north and west sides, there are two verandas (sections) also. In the west-side portion, Shiva Linga and Nandi’s statues are located. Two main deities of Aranya Devi is located therein standing pose. It is believed that they both are sisters. You can see the statues of black color stone which are wearing a yellow sari with mukuts and flower garlands. The singhasan of the Aranya Devi is approximately ten feet high. This temple is also having statues of Radha and Krishna, Ram, Sita, Lakshmana, Bharata, and Shatrughna. You can feel the divine aura in this sacred temple and can also get the blessings from the Goddess.

There are several legends popular among devotees regarding the temple. According to a legend, Arrah’s King Mordhwaj was well-known for his kindness and generosity. Lord Krishna decided to test the King Mordhwaj. He disguised himself as a hermit and he also involved Arjuna in this test and Arjuna accompanied Lord Krishna as a lion. Then, Lord Krishna went to meet the King. He told the King that his lion do not eat the flesh of animal and asked the King for the flesh of his son. The King decided to ask the consent of his wife. King’s wife agreed as she was also very kind. After that, the hermit asked to the King and Queen, to dissect the body of the boy with a saw (arrah). Hermit also asked them to cook the flesh. King and Queen cooked the flesh too. Hermit’s next demand was to make all sit together and eat the cooked flesh. King and Queen both accepted this demand also. Lord Krishna (hermit) got very impressed by the humility of both King and Queen. Hermit asked the King to call his sons, but King said that one of his sons is killed and cooked. Hermit again asked the King to call his son’s name. When King called them, both of his sons appeared in front of him. King and Queen were filled with amazement and joy. Then, Lord Krishna and Arjuna revealed their real identity to the King Mordhwa and threw away the arrah (saw). It is believed that King Mordhwaj erected this holy temple where that arrah (saw) fell.

Aranya Devi Temple looks marvelous with its marble3 and mosaic work. One must visit this sacred temple to get the blessings from Aranya Devi.




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